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Insurance for Traveling in Mexico

Insurance for Traveling in Mexico
July 13, 2022

It is the time of the year when the thick of winter sets upon us and many of us consider a trip south. For many in the RVing community, an excursion to Mexico is in the cards.  Beyond the normal considerations for travel out of the United States, proper insurance coverage while south of the border should also be on the checklist.


There are two pieces to consider regarding insuring your RV while in Mexico, the liability and physical damage coverage. Liability insurance in Mexico works similarly to in the United States, it is coverage for bodily injury or property damages that you may be deemed responsible for.  Mexico liability is not offered through standard US-based RV policies.  Liability for your RV while in Mexico must be obtained through a Mexican insurance company. Policies can be offered through brokers in the United States, like FCIS Insurance, or secured at the border.


A liability policy will be required for any vehicle entering the country–if you have an RV and a tow vehicle a policy would be necessary for each vehicle.  Liability policies can be secured for a few days, weeks, or even a year at a time. If you plan to take more than one trip a year to Mexico an annual policy may be the most cost-effective.


Physical damage coverage may be attained in a few different ways. First, some US-based insurance companies offer physical damage coverage as a part of RV policies or it may be added as an endorsement—check your policy.  All require you to attain an underlying Mexico liability policy for the coverage to take effect. Additionally, there may be limitations on the types of physical damage coverage or the mileage into Mexico it covers.


Whether you are making the trek on your own or as a part of a traveling caravan, you should do your part to ensure your vehicles are protected properly and your trip is hassle-free.